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Political candidate Grant Cogswell has his own set of image problems, starting with the fact that he likes to dress up as a polar bear and he's currently an unemployable music critic. In Stephen Gyllenhaal's bittersweet, uplifting comedy Grassroots - based on the true story of the 2001 Seattle City Council election - Cogswell becomes the mono-maniacal man of the people, rallying an unlikely posse of misfits, slackers and square pegs to his seemingly hopeless David-and-Goliath battle against firmly entrenched incumbent. Grassroots received a limited theatrical release and is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

“Engaging, enjoyable and extremely well timed political comedy/drama with a

strong script and a pair of terrific performances from Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore.

- Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

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