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It’s lychee season and Arnie and Ethel have a magnificent lychee tree that everybody in the neighborhood is salivating over, but they’re determined to keep the fruit all to themselves. Their neighbor, Mrs. Chun, believes the branches hanging over her fence belong to her, but has a foreboding dream about the fate of the tree. Meanwhile, local fruit picker Keoki gets ready to pick the lychee “the island way.” An official selection at over 40 film festivals and winner of several festival awards, Lychee Thieves explores the humorous and sometimes contentious interactions among the culturally and ethically diverse people of Hawai'i.

"...a swell little film with a complex ethos, and beyond that,

it's likely the most accurate depiction of life in Hawaii yet committed to film."

- Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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