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The world has never been so plagued by social, political, economical, and environmental problems. These issues are global in scale and there's only one group that attempts to make real, positive change for humanity: the NON-PROFIT SECTOR. This is the world's first mainstream documentary to examine how our attitudes about charity and giving undermine our ability to change the world. 

Based on the life's work of nonprofit activist Dan Pallotta, including his books Charity Case and Uncharitable (the bestselling title in the history of Tufts University Press) and his influential TED Talk "The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong" (5.2 million views). Pallotta dared to think big and created the wildly successful AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks. Over the course of nine years, they raised $581 million dollars. Pallotta was able to attract the 182,000 "ordinary heroes" who participated in the events through mass marketing, a decision that would prove very controversial. 


Attacked by charity watchdogs and the media for allegedly spending too much on staff and advertising, Pallotta was forced to shut down the most successful fundraising campaign in history for AIDS and breast cancer research, as well as suicide prevention. 


Now the most sought-after speaker on best practices in nonprofit management, Pallotta is on a mission to redefine how we think about charity. 


Fed up by the moral constraints imposed on them, and passionate about making a real and lasting change in the world is a growing cohort of innovators who want to redefine the way we give.

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